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Success in this element is directly linked to the time spent to plan, and the effort made ensuring that the plan is executed. If managed properly Skills Development can provide organisations with a fairly inexpensive 20 points on their scorecard.

Before an organisation can qualify for any points under this element they have to comply with the relevant Skills Development legislations by submitting the Workplace Skills Plan Annual Training Report, Pivotal Plan and Pivotal Report for the measured financial year before 30 April. We have a division that specialises in Skills Development that can assist you with the above.


Training is the main element of Skills Development We have forged a partnerships with an accredited training provider who can assist with all B-BBEE related Skills Development.

Learnership Management
Learnerships are one of the best ways to obtain points for this element as it provides scores under several sections of the Skills Development scorecard. It also has the added benefit that the salary of the learner can be calculated as Skills Development spend.

Learnerships are available in every sector and can range from secretarial and administrative learnerships to artisan learnerships. We will liaise with our accredited training partners to assist you with choosing and implementing the learnerships that will best suit your organisation.


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