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Enterprise and Supplier Development equip Black owned businesses to contribute more effectively to the economy and improve service delivery to their clients. We have two very successful and exciting projects to assist you with your Enterprise and Supplier Development

Mutually Beneficial Skills Development
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Training Unlimited is one of our partners they are accredited training providers, with a vast range of accredited and non-accredited training courses, this includes IT, First Aid, Business Skills and Personal Development.

We offer our clients the opportunity to send the same number of their own employees on the courses they procure for their Enterprise and Supplier Development Partners, without any additional costs.

E.g. if you pay for five employees from an Enterprise or Supplier Development partner to attend an Excel Intermediate course, at your premises, you can send five of your employees on the same course on the same day, terms and conditions apply.
Black Woman Empowerment Initiatives:
In partnership with you we assist Black woman to start enterprises that will deliver a service that will be beneficial to your organisation. An example of such an enterprise is VMA Procurement Services a Black woman owned organisation that provides procurement services that has the added value of optimising Preferential Procurement recognition and early payment recognition for Supplier Development.
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